Maximising the natural light

A big advantage of steel doors is that the frames and glass profiles are very slim. This has a stunning effect on the look of the doors, but it also means that the greater area of glazing brings in a wealth of natural light. Also inside, we love the incredible impact internal steel partitions make when opening-up doorways or replacing existing walls by framed glazing to improve our moods.

They just bring in so much more light.

The type of glass you choose for your steel doors depends on the way you would like to use them and the look you want to create. Whether you prefer a bit of privacy, a unique tint, or a classic

clear look, glass comes in many shapes and forms.

Let’s explore each of these options in detail to help you make an informed choice for your next project.

Obscure glass for privacy

When privacy is a priority, obscure glass options are the perfect solution. They allow ample light to enter while obscuring the view, ensuring your personal space remains private. Here are a few popular choices.

Milky Glass

Milky or opaline glass adds a touch of elegance light, ambiance. Its opaque nature allows for privacy and diffuses creating a soft, muted while still allowing natural light to brighten up the room. Steel doors are famous for their grid-like appearance. They look cool with one type of glass, but the separate panels also offer a perfect opportunity to combine functionality with aesthetics and use obscure glass in only those sections where privacy is most important. Commercial spaces like offices and restaurants often choose milky glass both for its good looks and practicality.

Reeded or Fluted Glass

With its distinctive vertical lines, reeded or fluted glass adds a touch of texture and intrigue. Reeded glass was particularly popular in the sixties, but we’ve seen a revival of the trend in the last decade.

The pattern not only enhances privacy but also adds visual interest, creating a beautiful focal point for your doors.

Tinted Glass

If you’re looking to make an opulent style statement, tinted glass options are the way to go. These glasses come in various shades and can transform your doors into eye-catching elements of your décor. Let’s explore a couple of favourites.

Bronze glass

Bronze glass is slightly transparent but it has a warm and elegant appearance due to its soft, brown glow. We don’t see this type of glass around very often, but it has the ability to give every room a pleasant touch of luxury and a

Smokey or grey glass

Smokey glass, with its subtle grey or black tint, creates a contemporary and sleek look. It adds an element of mystery and can complement a wide range of interior design styles, making it a versatile choice for your steel framed doors.

Satin glass for subtle elegance

For those seeking a delicate balance between privacy and natural light, satin glass is an excellent option. It offers a soft, frosted appearance that diffuses light and adds a touch of elegance to your doors.

Clear safety glass for classic appeal

This is still the winner in terms of popularity! If you prefer a timeless look, clear safety glass is a popular choice. This glass variant ensures maximum visibility and allows natural light to flood your interiors, while also meeting safety standards to protect you and your loved ones.

Closed panels

Another stunning design option is to use closed panels. These steel sections are powder coated in the same colour as the door. Having these sections beautifully covered with leather or recurring materials in your space, like wood or luxury wallpaper, is also a great-looking alternative.

Selecting the right glass for your steel framed doors

is an essential part of creating a harmonious and visually appealing space. Whether you prioritise privacy, style, or a classic appeal, our diverse range of glass options has you covered. From the milky and reeded glass for privacy to the bronze, smokey, satin, and clear safety glass, each option offers a unique combination of functionality and aesthetics. We hope this blog has provided you with valuable insights and inspiration for your upcoming project. Feel free to reach out to us for further assistance in finding the perfect glass option for your steel framed doors.