Monumental building in the centre of Haarlem, North Holland

-Renee and Cindy

“Our new doors fill us with pure joy every day.”

The building was built at the end of 1800 and used to house the butcher’s shop, then from the 1930s it was the home and workshop of a violin builder. “The old tiles from the butcher’s shop are still there and they’re fantastic!” Cindy exclaims.

Renee and Cindy were looking for steel framed doors and fixed panels in various sizes for their breathtaking home. “Not only did the renovation process take forever, we also searched for a long time for a suitable steel door partner who could bring our vision to life. We were looking for slim steel profiles that exude elegance and sophistication, matching the entire atmosphere of the building and our own life style. But there was another important challenge: a full height door in the room of 3.5m high. After a fabulous conversation in which we really felt understood and listened to we went with BLECKS Steel Doors. We are so happy we did! Our new doors fill us with pure joy every day.”