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Handmade and made-to-measure by BLECKS® in the Netherlands, each set of steel doors is completely tailored to your needs and design choices. We offer various types of steel doors: hinged doors, pivot doors, sliding doors, bi-fold doors, and fixed panels. We provide doors for both internal and exterior use and have solutions for bathrooms and wet rooms too.

Based in Poole, Dorset, our team of skilled installers will install your doors along the South East and South West of the UK. We offer supply only throughout the UK.

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Pivot doors
The slimmest of profiles
Soft-close mechanism
Swings open both ways
Hold-open position at 90 degrees
Hinged doors
Timeless design
Steel frame
Door swings in one direction
Opens up to 180 degrees 
Pure elegance
Space saving solution
Operates on hidden track
No track required in the floor 
bi-fold doors
Stunning room divider
Takes up little room when open
Fab for office spaces
Combi with hinged doors possible

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The sky is the limit when it comes to picking a finish you love. `Choose from any RAL colour or one of our fabulous metallic finishes. Noble Bronze and Anodic brown are stunning trends and we can see why they are so popular!


Only the best design elements are used to finish our doors. Our handles and vast selection of different glass types are part of this. Our handles can be chosen in any length and are usually seamlessly welded unto the doors. We also use designer handles and work with individual requests.

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We are currently working with lead times of 6 to 8 weeks


Hi! I’m Nicoline King and I run NK steel doors. An immense passion for Dutch design principles such as maximising natural light, enhancing the sense of space and working with contrast to create maximum impact made that I extremely fell for steel framed glazed doors many years ago. I love their elegance and versatility – in both modern and traditional homes they are a sensational focal point.

Phenomenal quality doors

After using steel doors in two much-loved design projects I decided to get together with Dutch company BLECKS® and bring their doors to the UK. The quality of their doors and vast range of finishes is phenomenal. Their customer service is second to none which for me, as a project manager of home renovations is an absolute joy. I am thrilled to be working with BLECKS® to bring the luxury of their steel doors into UK homes.

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Slim Profiles

Steel is much stronger than aluminium which allows us to work with extremely slim, elegant profiles.

Various profile options

We offer a large number of profile options. This creates endless possibilities for your project and it makes your design unique. The profile will look the same on both sides of the door which is a fantastic characteristic of steel doors by Blecks®.

Super smooth welding seams

A perfect finish is our number one priority. Our welded seams are incredibly smooth and clean as our finishing process removes all irregularities.


A distinct advantage of working with steel is its stiffness. Unlike aluminium doors, steel doors are fully welded instead of screwed together which is how they obtain their impressive appearance.

100% Recyclable

BLECKS® Steel Doors are indestructible and 100% recyclable. Steel is less likely to warp or bend from weight, force or heat and generally less prone to scratches and dents than aluminium. Its resistant properties make steel one of the most durable industrial materials.

Freddy – Lilliput

“Nicoline is a talented interior designer and with her experienced eye she suggested a number of different options on the design of the steel doors to choose from. When the pivot doors arrived they were of the highest quality and look absolutely fabulous”


Huge choice

We offer a vast amount of choice when it comes to finetuning the design to your aesthetic and practical preferences. Every RAL colour is available as well as multiple metallic finishes and many different types of glass.

Our selection of handles are simply divine when welded together with the frame but we love our designer handles too. We also welcome our client’s own unique finds

Phenomenal quality

A perfect finish is our number one priority. Our Welding seams are incredibly smooth and clean as our finishing process removes all irregularities.

Expert installers

We only work with the best installers. Lots of our interior design work involves project management which is something we love doing. It’s fundamentally important to us to work with highly skilled and reliable tradespeople

10 year warranty

We are confident about the quality of our product which is why we are happy to give a 10 year warranty on the steelwork and 2 year’s manufacturer’s warranty on the hinges and locks.

Excellent design

We are expert manufacturers and extremely passionate about design, project management and people. NICOLINE KING is first and foremost an interior design studio. We look for solutions that are both stunning and practical and we are up to date with the latest trends.

Our personal approach means we work together wih you to create the ultimate design solution and we guide you step-by-step throughout the design process